Thursday, August 11, 2011

The BIG Kindergartener!!!

Our BIG (little) girl is a KINDERGARTNER now!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011 was Ella's first day of kindergarten at Santan Elementary school.

She goes from 8:45 - 3:45 everyday!!

I was stressed about the little things to keep my mind off the BIG things (my baby girl was leaving me for a whole day - everyday!!) She woke up at 6:30am (didn't have to be up until 7:30) and she was so excited. We ate a good breakfast, brushed teeth, got dressed, packed a lunch, and got the hair done. (curling it with the iron really just helps manage the frizz and gives it a soft, flowy look - not typical for Ella's hair).

Jonah was just as excited, even though he had no idea what it all meant.....not until later that afternoon when he was looking all over for his sister :(

The traditional first day of school picture.

Gosh, they are gonna miss eachother.

Travis was more anxious and emotional than I was (at first).....

I just really couldn't believe this day had come.

She was so excited to have "recess" before school. When she saw some of her preschool buddies, she was glowing (not just because it was crazy hot and humid outside)

Ella and Mrs. Pillsbury....I already LOVE her teacher. She is very nurturing and loving and SOOO excited to have these kindergarteners with her everyday. I think we could be friends :)

This pic was taken about 30 seconds after I totally broke down. Helping her get in line, putting her backpack on, and giving her a farewell kiss just about killed me. I had to bolt out of that area as fast as I could for her not to see me cry. I regained control just seconds later and was ready for more pics.

Walking to the building...

And there she goes...

This is her fourth day so far and she just loves it. Getting up in the morning hasn't been the easiest (mostly because going to bed by 7:45 -8pm has been an adjustment for her). She already told us that she can't wait for Saturday when she can sleep late---that's my girl! But otherwise, she is excited to get going and out the door, loves being greeted by Mrs. Pillsbury each morning on the playground, and is eager to learn and do well in class.

We were talking about the classroom rules last night and one of them was "don't talk or play around while on the rug or you will be sent back to your seat" Ella quickly said, " Don't worry mom, I will never go back to my seat because I always want to do good and not get in trouble"....let's hope that sticks. I know it will.

I hope this year just inches by....although, Jonah and I usually just stare at the clock waiting for it to be 3:30 so we can go pick her up. We need much more adjusting than she does.

Once again, I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to drive her to and from school each day, volunteer in her classroom (eventually - we all need to do background checks and such - luckily, I will get through quickly with my teaching credentials), and cuddle with her on the couch with our cookies and milk each afternoon while we talk about her day.

Love you my Ella bella......and please, please slow down on this whole growing up thing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dancing Queens

Ella and four of her friends took a beginners ballet/tap class this summer. Yesterday was her last day and they had a short recital at the end of class. It was cute to see all the girls dancing the routines they learned over the past 8 weeks. I am glad Ella is starting to like dance, even though I still don't think she will do it unless her friends are in it. Fun times!

Waiting to begin!

They danced to "It's My Party (and I'll Cry if I Want to)" for tap and "Mr. Sun" for ballet, plus practiced a few "leaps" across the floor.

Refusing to look at us, she kept her eyes on the teacher the whole time.

All done! Great job girls.

The 'Dancing Queens'

Hannah, Abby, Ella, Lauren, and Kaniah (and ??)

End of summer staycation

This past weekend we got away one more time (it was our 3rd weekend get-a-way in a row) to the AZ Grand Resort. We plannedt this staycation with 4 other families and it was a lot of fun. The resort was jam-packed (it took us 45 minutes just to check in) and the water park was crazy chaotic but we all managed to have a great time.

Saturday evening there was a dance performance and then the little girls got to go up stage to "dance" - Ella stood there and didn't move a muscle while Amaya and Brooklyn showed off some moves. She loved watching the dancers but is so fearful of embarrassing herself.

Getting ready for bed after Day 1 at the pool.

And playing way too much....

Chillin on Day 2 at the was HOT!!! We greatly enjoyed drifting through the lazy river (the kids just laid on our laps) and swimming in the wave pool. Ella has become quite the competent swimmer.

Cheers to a wonderful summer spent swimming, vacationing, relaxing, playdating, trying to stay cool, reading, watching movies and being lazy! Only 5 more days left of this precious time. We will miss you summer....til next year.

Bestie Sleepover

Another milestone reached: Ella slept over at her friend Lauren's house last week. They have been dying to have a sleepover ALL summer. I knew Ella would do great and she did even better than I thought. I didn't even get a call to say goodnight. She went out to dinner with the Zaurs and then the girls played and played to the wee hours of the night. They finally fell asleep close to 11pm and were up at 6:30am. Needless to say, Ella was exhausted and took a nap the next afternoon for the first time in over a year.

All ready to go. I think she waited like this for 20 minutes :)

Messy messy boy...

I'm telling you....this boy can make a mess! Whether it is eating or playing, Jonah's favorite thing to do is DESTROY (another 'boy' characteristic that makes him so different than his sister).

Here he is eating a cupcake....well, I am not sure how much he actually ate.

And this happened (below) in two seconds flat. I swear I walk out of the room and within minutes this happens....honestly, he would do it whether I was in the room or not. Most of my day is spent picking up after Jonah :) And notice, he is not even playing in the mess. He would rather stand on the stool and look out the window waiting for Daddy, the garbage truck, or any moving vehicle to pass by.