Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another milestone...

As Travis put it, "Ella, now you can do something mommy can't do: Ride a bike". Well, I can ride a bike, I think, but I don't like to and would choose not to...but anyways....

We got Ella her very first bike today. I know it is weird for it to not be her birthday or Christmas but she hopped on one at the store last night and took off and all we thought was with the weather being so nice now, it would be silly to wait for her birthday in September. I had wanted to get her one for Christmas but she didn't want one we jumped on the chance of her being excited and Travis took her out to Target today so she could pick it out. Of course, she chose the Disney Princess bike (with attached baby seat) and matching helmet.

After a little while of watching her parents try to put together the bike, she was ready. She jumped on and took off. It was quite chilly outside so we went up and down the street a few times and around the cul-de-sac about 5 times and then called it a day. So fun!

Trying to get her to look up and watch where she is going will take some time :)

We've got the fever!

Bieber fever that is!!!

Friday night Ella, my mom, my cousin Amanda, and I had a "Girls Night Out" and saw Never Say Never...what a great movie. If I was thirteen right now, I would definitely be one of those emotionally crazed girls crying her eyes out at just the thought of him. Makes me laugh now and with Ella already liking him a bit, I see my future very clearly.

Amanda had the best quote about her connection with my kiddos, "I am so much their cousin, I'm their Aunt!"...I love it. Thanks Auntie Amanda for joining us.

15 months

Our baby boy is now 15 months and doing perfectly. He weighed in at 25 lbs. (50th%) and was 32 1/4 inches tall (80th%). He has been at those percentiles since he was 4 months so we are happy to see he is staying steady. Doc said he is right on track with everything and although I would like him talking a little more (anything would be nice!) we will settle with "uh-oh" and what seems to be "Hi Sister". If he were my first baby, I would probably be freaking out that he isn't saying much but I now know that it will come and soon enough he won't stop talking :)

Right now, Jonah loves:

his BIG sister

his dog and cats

wearing backpacks and hoodies


climbing on top of ANYTHING

trying to use a spoon

playing in the bathroom (toilet, sink, light switches...what have you)

hitting his head against the wall when he doesn't get what he wants or is really tired

taking NAPS!! (still takes two 2-hour naps daily and 12 hours at night)

shopping with his mama

drinking milk

his pacie (more and more each day...which is not good)

chewing, drooling, and spitting on everything (getting those bottom eye teeth)

his mama and daddy and his PAPAS!!

He doesn't like:

sitting still

the television (could care less - so the opposite of his sister)

scrambled eggs

being told "NO!"

and that's about it

He has now mastered the "smile for the camera" smile.
Kind of a "Chucky" face but we still love it.

This is where I found him the other day...I swear he is ALWAYS into something - usually something he shouldn't be getting into - but this time it was ok.

"Hi Mama"

Jonah LOVES getting this duster out of the hall closet and pretend he is sweeping....he might be my cleaning helper one day (not holding my breath though).

Happy Love Day!

With three Valentine celebrations to attend this year, Ella was just loving LOVE Day! Plus, she got a lot of use out of her "LOVE" shirt that I made her.

Fast friends...Ella and Hannah are just 3 months apart and are quickly becoming besties.

The Zaur's had a Valentine's Day celebration and there was lots of fun things to do. Although Ella is quite the perfectionist and likes things to be simplistic, she thoroughly enjoys creating and being artistic...and she has a great ability to do so.

Fun times with friends....and so fun to see all these kiddos growing up together
(sorry didn't get that pic)