Monday, September 27, 2010

Thinking about the holidays? Think of me!

Crazy to think that the holidays are sneaking up on all of us so quickly. If you're anything like me, you have not even tried to think about Christmas gifts BUT if you have, now is a great time to order your tees, tutus, and hairbows for the little ones you love soooo much!

Go to to see many my custom creations and get ideas for your little guys or gals.

I can do custom holiday attire as well (I'm thinking black satin flower headbands with a black and silver glitter tutu or maybe a cute little onesie with a silk tie applique stitched on for you little guy)

I would really appreciate if all you blogger buds out there could be so kind and post this onto your blogs as well. I am ready to get really busy and need your help to do so :)

Going to Disney anytime soon? Fun tees to help keep all of your kiddos close by.

Only $35 for this complete outfit...smokin' deal!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Missouri 2010

We made our annual trip to Missouri this Labor Day Weekend instead of Memorial Day weekend because we were there to celebrate Gpa and Gma Mantle's 60th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderfully relaxing five days full of family, farms, and fun. So nice in fact that my mind was a little warped and for a moment I thought, "Maybe we should move here?"...

Ella was perfect on the plane - she requested the window seat but wanted the shade down for most of the time...she colored and watched easy. It was a horribly turbulent flight - so between Travis having his eyes closed and me with my head between my legs, it is a wonder our kids didn't freak out - luckily, they are not like their parents in that respect and can handle a bumpy plane ride with no problems...lucky!

Mary and Greg had the pleasure of Jonah for most of the flight there...he didn't sleep at all but was happy and hyper just like I expected.

Magnets - Bailey and to think that Ella is 4.5 months older than Bailey and Ella isn't even super short.

Travis and Ella found this catepillar in the, I had never seen such a thing.

Look at that brave girl holding the couldn't pay me to do that.

Cousins - Garrett (8) , Bailey (3), and Ella (3)

Travis spent a lot of his day catching fish in the pond

It took a while but Garrett and Bailey finally got Ella to roll down the hill...

That is a fake cow we are standing next too...can you imagine???

Saturday night - The "weinie" roast

I just love how these two girls just fit with eachother...and I love how casually Ella is sitting.

Just a gorgeous night...

Enjoying the cool weather....soon after this we all had to go inside because it was just a little too nippy outside....

Hmm, Hmm....good

On Sunday, we all went over to Uncle Mark, Aunt Cindy and Erica's house for the 60th wedding anniversary celebration for Travis' grandparents. There were about 70 people there (all related) and it was a blast. It was full of good conversation, games, yummy food, hayrides, and farm fun. It is so nice to have a family that can all be in the same room with one another - no drama...just lots of love :) Who knew??? (no offense to my NY family, I'm just sayin''s nice)

One of the donkeys

The first of many hayrides...

Ella really was in all her glory (I mean cousins and farm animals - it doesn't get any better for her) ...she had such a great time at this party
that she slept until 11am the next day.

The guests of honor - Faye and Elmer Mantle (Travis' grandparents) -
Happy 60th Anniversary to an amazing couple

The "big" boys had a croquet tournament

Timmy attempted to teach Ella how to fly a kite while at the same time teaching her all about "tension"

Uncle Mark's turkey...just a pet, not Thanksgiving dinner :)

The kids had Wii tournaments...

Our beauty

Ella and Xander were very intrigued by the goats and even got to go in the pen to pet them.

All of the beautiful hand-picked flowers straight from Mark and Cindy's property.

Monday night we went to Aunt Marla and Uncle Greg's house. Ella was in heaven when she saw that Joe had a shelf full of dinosaurs and other animal figurines...glad you haven't grown out of that stage yet Joe (he is 18)...Ella, Joe, Andy and Timmy played in his room all night. So glad to have cousins that want to matter how old they are.

Aunt Marla and Jonah
We headed back home on Tuesday...back to real life...back to the heat...what's up with this heat? 108 in the middle of September, I mean come on now. Getting ready for a visit from Adam and Katelyn to celebrate mom's bday early (she will be in NY for hers) and then the preparations begin for Ella's 4th's a princess party this year. Can't wait!

Flagstaff in August

We headed up to Flagstaff about 3 weeks ago for some cool weather and a visit with Adam and Katelyn. As much as I want them to live down here so we could see them all the time...the next best thing would be Flagstaff because then we always have a great excuse to go relax in the cool pines and enjoy their home and beautiful surroundings. This trip was like all others...simple and easy. We attempted a hike...but decided we are not into carrying two children while doing so. We ate good home-cooked meals outside, roasted marshmallows, shopped a bit at Marshalls, and played cards (unfortunately, Katelyn had to work a ton and missed out on a lot of it :( )

About 5 minutes into our "hike" and we were already exhausted...we headed back to the car shortly after this...Adam thinks we are the biggest wimps...true!

After months of being stuck indoors, Ella LOVED getting to play outside in the gorgeous weather.

She even got to help Uncle Adam do some digging.

Adam and Katelyn's beautiful is perfect!

Love bug!