Sunday, January 15, 2012

oh the memories...

Clockwise from me (Me, Lachae, Summer, Adrianne, Michelle, Brooke, Kisha, and Melissa)

I got to spend last night with some of my oldest friends.....I met most of these girls in Jr. high, a few in 10th grade and even one in 3rd grade. It has been almost 15 years since we graduated from highschool - wowza - that is just crazy. We were the girls that loved highschool, were very involved, cheered, danced or supported cheer and dance and followed all the rules (well....most of us). Ya, I guess we were pretty nerdy but we didn't think so at the time.

We get together about once a year (or longer unfortunately) and we just laugh and laugh. Everyone is multiplying like rabbits (most are done with 3 or 4 kiddos and me with my measley 2). As our kids grow up there are hopes that we can get together even more. One of my best buds, Adrianne, is heading off to Seattle for her husbands new job and I will miss her dearly. It has only been a short time that we have reconnected since she moved back from San Diego but it has been wonderful....she has hooked Ella up with an awesome preschool, elementary school and piano really I owe her a lot in the short time she has been home. I really hope to visit her in Seattle - hopefully this summer!!

Thanks ladies for a wonderful night! We will miss ya Big A!